Listen to Live Radio While Driving - How To Do It?

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If you are on a long road trip or you just want to have some family bonding time, why not try listening to the radio while driving? Most cars come equipped with a standard satellite radio receiver that will allow you to listen to live radio while driving. Some cars don't have this option and need to connect their radio to a receiver that is specific for their make and model. The types of receivers that are available vary by make so check with the manufacturer to see if your car needs one.

Check out the live radio:

AM RADIO: This kind of radio works on a simple principle. You plug it into your vehicle's electrical system and it automatically tunes into a stations main antenna. This radio has to be constructed to high quality standards just to give good reception in an enclosed moving vehicle, with varying terrain, and even in the presence of a serious other source of interference (the engine!) When the signal arrives, it will need to be converted to an analog signal so that you can hear it clearly.

FM RADIO: Most major cities have a large number of FM stations that listeners tune into during their daily travels. These powerful stations can be listened to over again. There is usually a balance of hip and power, technical and entertainment, and commercial programming. Most travelers listen to the local markets in their area before hitting the road. They may have favorite radio stations they like to listen to. If your radio station is not on the local markets, try to tune onto a different one to see what they are saying.
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