The main stages of the relationship.

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Falling in love
Approximately - the first three years of communication. At this time, the idealization of the partner, the desire to always be together, occupies a sore spot.

Signs characteristic of men at this stage
Excessive courage. The lover wants to show the chosen one what he is ready to do for her. Or to prove that behind him she will be like behind a stone wall.
Attentiveness. More than ever, he gives his beloved care, affection, attention, always finds time for a meeting.
Focus on your appearance. He takes care of himself, goes to the gym, keeps his body in good shape.
Declarations of love. Only during the period of falling in love, a representative of the stronger half can, without hesitation, talk about what he feels.
Romance. The lover strives to surprise the lady of the heart, giving her unforgettable emotions.
Sparks in his eyes. The eyes of the person who fell in love literally burn with inspiration, energy.
Signs of a woman
Increased activity. It seems that she is constantly on an emotional high, in a good mood and is able to redo a lot of things quickly and easily.
Softness. Even those whose character is called difficult become more benevolent and compliant.
The desire to create comfort around yourself. In a girl in love, the keeper of the hearth awakens.
Critical attitude to appearance. Representatives of the fair sex tend to hide flaws to the maximum, experiment with makeup, hairstyle and clothing style. She pays special attention to everything that concerns external data.

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