What is love?

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Love is a long and strong attachment, which is associated with warm deeds in relation to the object of sighing. Love is an endless source of energy with which you can realize all your dreams. Mandatory emotional involvement of a person, otherwise it is just a service for the sake of profit. And if you do not do anything for the sake of your loved one, then you can call such a feeling a passion or a temporary hobby.

Psychologists understand love as a sensual phenomenon between two people with their own path of development. In other words, it is not something that just appears out of nowhere: it develops only through joint efforts.

What is love made of?
Robert Sternberg, a well-known psychologist, identified several components of a feeling that excites all of us:

Intimacy - that is, the closeness and mutual assistance of partners. Especially noticeable in critical situations.
Passion is a feeling of sexual attraction, which is felt most strongly at the beginning of a relationship, but in the long run it already becomes calmer and less pronounced.
Commitment - willingness and desire to remain faithful to a loved one. A very important aspect.
Kinds of love
The same psychologist identified several varieties of love.

Sympathy, which usually includes only intimacy. There is no passion and devotion.
An obsession that consists primarily of passion, but excludes any commitment. Flashes and fades quickly.
Empty love, including mutual obligations, only there is no passion and intimacy. Love of convenience, that is, a person is with a partner simply because it is so convenient for him.
Romantic love containing intimacy and passion, but excluding devotion. A good example is Romeo and Juliet.
A companionable love that combines intimacy and commitment. Passion has already passed. It is typical for spouses who have been married for a long time.
Meaningless love, which is an interesting combination of passion and devotion, only lacking spiritual intimacy. Often such love develops in rash marriages.
Perfect love. Obviously, it contains all the components of feeling listed above, and therefore all normal couples strive for it. It is quite possible to achieve such a goal, however, it will not be easy not to lose it. And this love cannot be long, sooner or later it will turn into a different kind.
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