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While it is getting easier and easier to start a live and broadcast its games around the world, many players are still wondering how to stream on Twitch .

In this guide, we suggest you take stock of all the little things to take into account before embarking on this incredible adventure and why not make it a real career. From recommended configurations for streaming to encoding software, through essential accessories, we tell you everything!

To go further, you can also find more precise guides, explaining in particular how to perfectly configure your software, manage all your alerts or customize your channel to your image.

What is Twitch?
The undisputed leader in the world of streaming , is positioned as the benchmark platform if you want to broadcast your games to a large audience.

Launched in 2011, the site has experienced dizzying growth for several years and displays impressive statistics. Today, Twitch is in fact nearly 15 million daily users, more than 3 million streamers and thousands of Partner accounts.
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Twitch.TV presentation
Building on its success, the platform was acquired by Amazon in August 2014, for the modest sum of $ 970 million. The site nevertheless retains a certain independence vis-à-vis the e-commerce giant, while offering certain bonuses to members of the Amazon Prime platform .

Alternatives to Twitch
A true steamroller, Twitch is masterfully dominating the streaming sector and the competition is struggling to find a place.

YouTube did try to retaliate with its YouTube Gaming branch , but the web giant quickly backed down due to lack of success. It is obviously still possible to broadcast its parts on the Google platform, but the site no longer offers a separate part, specially designed for streamers.

YouTube Gaming Presentation
Other Twitch competitors include Mixer , Microsoft's platform.

Again, nothing to overshadow Twitch, despite marketing campaigns involving millions of dollars to recruit some of the most followed players, like Ninja, Shroud or KingGothalion.

What configuration to stream on Twitch?
Comfortably playing the latest AAA titles while streaming them live is clearly no easy task.

To benefit from a smooth experience, both for you and your viewers , it is often necessary to opt for a relatively muscular configuration. Your machine should indeed be able to run your favorite games on one side, and encode the different streams on the other. Enough to heat your machine!

It is also good to note that today there are several solutions to set up your stream. While most PC players will opt for a machine that combines gaming and streaming, some players may opt for a solution consisting of two machines. The first will only be intended for gaming, while the second will take care of the encoding part (managed either by the CPU or GPU, or by a box or acquisition card).

Important: Most recent Nvidia graphics cards have a new NVENC chip, which is only dedicated to encoding your games.

By opting for this configuration, it becomes possible to stream or record your games without going through your CPU. The impact on performance is also minimized, as the NVENC chip is not directly linked to the graphics chip of your GPU.

Stream from a single PC
When broadcasting your games on Twitch or YouTube Gaming, the encoding of your various streams is mostly handled by your processor . It is therefore a key piece in the construction of a gaming / streaming oriented setup , and we recommend moving towards a machine capable of managing multi-tasking in the best possible way.

With the arrival of new generations of AMD Ryzen processors, it is now possible to equip yourself with an 8-core CPU without spending too much money. What stream in good conditions, while limiting the impact on your FPS.

As explained above, if you have an Nvidia RTX card, you can also opt for encoding via NVENC technology and thus free up your processor resources.
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