How to download Reddit videos from your computer and phone

Dabei seit: 14.07.2021
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Reddit is a social network that offers diverse content in videos and photos, such as recipes, beauty tips, and even tutorials. But how do you save that cool stuff to check out later? Applications now allow you to save photos or illustrations directly to your phone, in addition to being able to opt for the famous screen printing, however, what to do when it comes to transferred images. motion? Learn today how to download videos from the web through your computer or mobile phone.
To download files on both PC and smartphone, the process is the same. There is a website called Reddit Video Downloader that allows you to save videos on both electronic devices. The benefit of using the tool is that it is quick and paperless. You download additional or time-consuming software that risks slowing down your system or even contracting a virus. But let's go step by step:
1. By selecting the content you want to download, you will copy the video link. To find the URL, click the up arrow, then "Copy Link".
2. Then you will go to Reddit Video Downloader and in the available field you will paste the video link. Then click "Download". Remember that if you just want to copy the link into the URL field at the top of the page, this also works.
3. Now select the three dots next to the video, which should now be available to you. And then click "Download". There, the video will download to your computer, then watch it.
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