Leggero Gogo

Dabei seit: 24.07.2015
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Hat jemand Interesse an einer Leggero Gogo (Bollerwagen | http://www.leggero.ch/transportanhanger/gogo-bollerwagen/leggero-gogo-3er-set.html) Sammelbestellung? Anstelle von CHF 299.- würde der Bollerwagen noch CHF 239.- kosten.

Falls ihr Interesse habt, meldet euch doch auf dieses Thema oder per Email.
Dabei seit: 04.02.2021
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I know that Leggero Gogo will be there for the rest of the year as we are in need of that for a long time now. I will add this here https://www.nerdywriters.co.uk/ as i know you all can use this for me so we will work this out for them in the long run.Look into this and you will like it.